Tuesday, June 24, 2014

e-book is on Sale!

I wrote an e-book about my entire weight loss journey.  Basically in this book you will receive 22 pages of my story with over 20 pictures to follow the text.  I recommend it for anyone who is wanting to start their own weight loss or maybe you aren't trying to lose weight, but want to be motivated in a certain area of your life.  I talk about setting goals, not accomplishing goals but still pushing forward and how I plan to live this way forever.  

This week only, the book is on special discount of originally $10 to now $7! To get the discount, my awesome blogger friend Corrine from Mint Arrow has the code that you can enter at checkout! To go to her blog click here. I would like to say thank you to all who have purchased this book.  I am beyond blessed to have so much support.  Without so many of you, I am not sure I would have lost the weight in the amount of time it took me.  So thank you for helping me stay motivated!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Emotional Eater

I have always been an emotional eater.  I never really noticed it until I started to lose weight and see where my need for food was coming from.  It was more than just hunger, but rather boredom, anger, happiness, sadness, depression...basically every single emotion I was feeling made me want to have food too.  Once I realized that, it became so much more clearer about why I was eating the way that I was. 

Of course, I have never gotten over this craving for food, but I try every single day to fix it.  I have never been one of those people to forget to eat or skip meals.  I think about food a lot and it's gotten better over time, but I know that it will never completely go away.  At first, realizing this was hard.  Knowing that the feelings I have about food will always be like that.  However, it's definitely gotten loads easier to manage because I now realize what is fueling those desires.

I was talking with a friend who has dealt with eating disorders and she said something that really stuck out to me.  We shouldn't even have a relationship with food.  That made me really think more into myself and how I view food.  It was like a light bulb went off in my head, you know those moments?  I really loved hearing that because food isn't a friend or a comforter, it's fuel.  Thats it! I believe that treats are needed every now and again and we should indulge on occasion, but I think we also need to see food as simply something to help give us energy to get through each day.  

It's a hard concept to completely grasp and I know I will spend the rest of my life perfecting this idea, but I am doing so much better than where I was a year ago.  There are times where I get distracted and food starts to creep in, but now I am more aware and I quickly fix that by reminding myself that food is fuel and only that.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Drink More Water

I have friends and family members who drink over 60 oz of soda a day.  Of course, they know they shouldn't and they try to quit, but always end up back at it.  It's an addiction and we all have those so it's never good to tell someone what they shouldn't be doing.  I am just here to say here is how to increase your water intake.  If you drink 60 oz soda still, fine! But try and increase your water intake too.  You maybe wondering how much water you should be drinking in a day.  The rule I grew up with was 8 glasses of water a day.  We all know that basically there is 8-10 oz of water in a glass.  I guess it just depends on how big your glass is.  So that would put us at 64-80z of water a day.  Well I am here to tell you that is wrong and you should be drinking much more especially in the Summer months when it's hot and you sweat a bunch! 

You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces.  If you weigh 200 lbs, you should be drinking 100 oz of water a day or more if you can.  When I first heard this, I thought how on earth will I stay away from the bathroom.  The thought of it makes me just want to pee all day long.  At first, your body is having a hard time trying to adjust to the water intake, but really within a week, your body craves it.  I am going to give you just some of the benefits of water:

Aids Digestion
increases metabolism
great for skin and looking younger
flushes toxins
builds immune system
gives you more energy
curbs appetite

I don't know anyone who would say no to any of these benefits.  We all want to look and feel better about ourselves and drinking water is one of the most important things to achieve that.

Now that we know what water does and how much we should be drinking, lets figure out how we are going to do that throughout our day.  First thing is buy a water bottle.  I got my water bottle at Wal Mart for $9 because I love drinking out of a straw and I always drink so much more when I do so.  I like how big it was (32oz) and knowing that I only need to drink a little over 3 makes it seem easier to do.  If you like squeeze bottle or a suction bottle, then use that! Just find what works for you.

I always fill my water up at the night before and put it in my fridge so that its there staring me in the face at breakfast.  I always try and drink at least 25 oz around breakfast time because it makes me feel hydrated and I have a sudden burst of energy in the morning.  Usually I have just worked out so I am craving water anyways.  I then will drink another 10-15 by mid morning.  I am in need of filling up my water again too, SCORE!  By lunch time I have drank 1 1/2 of these and I don't feel the need to eat as much for lunch.  I also don't have that sudden urge to snack either.  By dinner time I almost done with my 3rd one and know that I should probably fill it up again.  I love going above my 100 oz goal because it seriously is so good for you to drink that much water.  The benefits of drinking water are endless and consuming it just gets easier and easier the more you do it.  I don't really even think about it because its just now apart of my day.  When I go run errands, I fill up my water.  If I go to the gym, I bring my water.  I just feel better knowing its there with me.  

Just try this for a week and see how easy it can be to increase your water in take if you aren't drinking very much right now.  It may seem like a big deal, but it's really not and you will notice big changes if you do.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to Manage Food Cravings

Food is a drug for some people.  It certainly was and is and probably will always be for me.  That is something I have had to really recognize and accept so that I can find ways to change it.  For me, I can't stop at one cookie.  I need to eat a dozen to feel satisfied.  It's not because I am hungry, its because I want that feeling of happiness that food brings to me.  Of course, its temporary, but it's a high similar to drugs is.  I crave that and I have to find ways to cope with it.

Over the past year and a half, I have really focused on my cravings and how to really handle them.  I can't have certain foods in my home because I WILL EAT THEM ALL!  I have to avoid shopping in the candy section on an empty stomach because I WILL BUY IT ALL.  That is just the nature of my life and thankfully I have never had to deal with drug or alcohol addiction, but these cravings are very strong and overpowering at times.  I know this is a common problem for other people because I get asked a lot on how I manage my cravings.  I wanted to write up an entire post for this because I know it could be useful for others.  Please let me state that I am never perfect with controlling my cravings. I give in, lots! But I always remember how it's not worth it and if I really want some, that I can only have a bite.  If I go crazy and eat half of the cheezit box, then I just know the following week I have to work extra hard.  I know to not just throw in the towel because of one bad mistake.  It just means I need to work harder.

I am going to write out some scenarios and hopefully you have experienced these too so that you can relate.  Enjoy!

1.  It's 9:30pm.  Your kids just went to bed and laying in front of the TV while playing on your phone sounds better than an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.  You walk past the kitchen and see your favorite snacks starting you in the face.  "No, I shouldn't." You think to yourself.  You walk over to your room, put your pajamas on and those cookies are literally talking to you.  You turn the TV on, hoping that the distraction of your favorite show kicks in.  Still, all you can think about is the chocolate sugary goodness.  

HERE is what I do: I grab my water bottle which is 32 oz and I fill it up with some ice cold water.  I make myself drink at least 20 oz as fast I can.  Water is never bad for you, so I am hoping this fills the empty pit in my stomach.  By this time, I am chugging on my water and walk over to the cookies. I stare at the packaging. They look incredibly delicious but really?  2 cookies is 175 calories?? I could have a sandwich for that amount! Instead, I grab some apples and hummus and call it a night.

2. You're out with friends and they picked the restaurant.  You of course don't want to be the odd man out and insist on your go-to restaurant where you know what to order and how much fat and calories are in the servings.  You go with the flow and enjoy yourself.  You glance over the menu and the Chicken Alfredo is looking mighty tasty.  There's gotta be at least 1500 calories in just the meal.  Yikes, that would blow your entire day of food consumption. Is that many calories really worth the 30 minutes you'd be eating that food? Hardly!  Instead you order a salad, ask for no cheese or bacon bits and dressing on the side.  You feel great that you overcame a strong desire and didn't give in.  Then after everyone eats their main meal, they decide to order some dessert.  Oh great, here we go again! They order some cheesecake which is your favorite!! You decided then and there that you aren't going to have any! Nope, its not worth it.  Everyone dives in and has a bite here and there.  You're enjoying the great conversation, but honestly all you want to do is shove cheesecake in your mouth.  Everyone is too full to finish so there is at least half of the cheesecake left.  It's seriously calling your name and you really want to just grab your fork and have some.  Instead, you ask if everyone is done and they say yes.  You grab the salt and pepper and just go to town on the cheesecake.  The temptation is now 0 because no one wants a salty cheesecake.  

3.  It's 4 pm.  You are just done with the day.  Either your kids are driving you nuts and Daddy can't come home fast enough or you have 2 hours left of work and man time is going slow!!  To pass the time, you think how great it would be to have some chips or trail mix.  Something crunchy and salty would sure make things go by faster, right?  Never! You aren't very hungry, but you're bored and anxious so therefore food is a great answer to all your problems.  Just as you reach for the bag of chips, you see that only 8 chips have 140 calories.  You could easily have 4 servings...NOT worth those calories.  I won't even go into the sodium and fat intake on that either.  You don't want to know! Instead, I would grab a piece of gum.  Just having something to chew on that doesn't contain any high calories or fat is perfect.  You aren't even hungry, but you want to feel like you are eating something so its perfect to keep you away from the chips.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Color in Motion 5k Entry Giveaway!

I have teamed up with the Color in Motion 5k Team to offer one lucky reader an entry into their upcoming Salt Lake City 5k race on July 19th! They are having the race to celebrate the Veterans 90th Celebration! My first race was a 5k and that was what really got me into running.  I love running 5k's because its just enough challenge, but not too hard! Plus the color part sounds like a lot of fun and I have never done one of those races.  The winner not only gets an entry into the race ($35 value), but they also get CiM5k swag bag, sunglasses and socks! Also, if you don't win and you want to run ANY race (all over the country), I have an exclusive discount for my readers.  Use code "livylove" at checkout for a discount that will bring your race price to $30! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 8, 2014

e-book is LIVE!

I have been working long and hard for this! I decided I wanted to offer an e-book several months ago with my complete story on why I chose to lose weight and basically my entire journey.  I include the highs and lows! Even starting the book when I was a child and realizing I was larger than most girls my age.  I am hoping that anyone who reads this book realizes their full potential and that weight loss is going to be possible! If you'd like to read my e-book and you can go download it in my store

This book includes 22 pages of text and photos, some that I have never even shared.  I also have a full page of FAQ's with detailed answers to help you ignite your spark for your journey! Even if you don't want to lose weight, this book will help you realize your full potential!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Atly Classes

I have been working hard at putting together some classes that I am teaching on this great website called Atly.  They offer classes for anyone to take that teaches all sorts of topics.  You can learn Illustrator,  Couponing, or a Cooking 101 class! 

My classes will be Jump Starting your Weightloss, Meal Planning for yourself and Family, and How to Become a Runner.  They all will hopefully be done at the end of the month.  I will make sure they are affordable for anyone to take and each class goes at your own pace so you don't have to worry about planning it around your schedule.  I am really excited about doing this because I want to teach others how exactly I implanted healthy habits into my life for long term success. I always want to make it simple enough for anyone to do and I am pretty sure I have accomplished that.  

The photo above is from yesterday when I was filming my Jump Start to Weight loss class.  I am speaking on how exactly I got started, what I did to lose weight, how I stayed motivated and what I do to keep the weight off! Then I have easy challenges of those taking my class that can implement these lifestyle changes into their own lives.  These classes are going to be full of information and I am really looking forward to the launch this month!