Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Current Running Playlist

I love knowing what others listen to while working out, so here is what I am currently listening too.  I recently discovered that hip hop sure gets my heart rate going and makes me want to run, so I am just running with it (pun intended).  I am not ashamed to say that I am a huge fan of Ariana Grande's new song, but I am thinking it may have to do with Iggy Azalea.  That girl is something! 

Also, I am hosting a Polar Giveaway! There are 2 winners this time and each person will win a Polar ft60 watch!! These watches sell at over $100 each.  Make sure to follow my instagram to enter. 

Incase you aren't familiar with this watch, it's something I use daily and refuse to workout without! It's a heart rate monitor that you wear below your chest to pick up your heart rate.  Doesn't even hurt or bother me when I workout.  Then you wear the watch and it shows you how many calories you are burning! It's seriously made my workouts so much more interesting and effective!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Facebook Giveaway

Want to join more Livy Love fun? Go like my Facebook page to enter yourself to win a $25 gift card to Target! Giveaway ends 8/27 at 9pm! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Effectively Losing Weight While Counting Calories

I know not everyone is a calorie counter.  I can see the benefits of not doing so, but I know without a doubt that had I not counted my calories, I would not have lost 100 lbs.  I might have lost 50 lbs, but for me knowing what goes into my body and how much I need to burn makes complete sense.  It helps me be more aware and realize that the piece of cake isn't worth the 450 calories that I don't have for the day.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fitness Ridge + Giveaway!

Remember how I had the chance of a lifetime to go down to St. George, Utah and go to Fitness Ridge? When I had first heard about this place, immediately I just felt so nervous but very determined.  I knew there would be lots of calorie burning and eating healthy foods.  My only envision of it was something similar to Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight loss.  As scary as this was, I was very excited to be challenged and meet other people who have the same interests as I do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finding your Happiness

image found here
I posted this quote on my facebook page yesterday because I had some thoughts that I wanted to share.  
How many of you think about what your goals are and where you want to be in 1 month or 12 months?  How many of you don't even start because you think that you will never get there so what is the point?  I can easily assume that if you are reading this, you have felt that way.  The goal is too hard therefore, what is the point in even trying.  I will probably fail anyways, right?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

How my kids have adjusted to my weight loss

My kids are only 4 and 2.  They don't quite understand that mommy lost 100 lbs.  Even though they see that I am smaller than I used to be from photos, they still don't quite understand that I lost a lot of weight.  I don't expect them too either.  However, they have definitely had changes in their life because of it.  Before losing weight, we used to eat out at least 4-5x a week, maybe more.  It was not healthy and very expensive.  If I didn't feel like cooking, then we ate Wendy's or Del Taco.  As convenient and delicious as it was, the benefits were small.  I was gaining weight quickly and my kids weren't learning healthy habits.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Recipes that I want to try!

Eating healthy can get pretty boring if you don't experiment with healthy foods.  I have been eating healthy consistently for over 1.5 years and of course many recipes get repeated.  I love to turn towards Pinterest for ideas that will help me stay interested in healthy foods.  These are some that I found that I really want to try.  

I also really want to try making Hummus myself.  It looks so easy to do, but I guess I really love Costco's Hummus so I haven't really felt like I needed to.  This recipe looks awesome!!