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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life as we know it

The last few days have been pretty depressing with the election. I am honestly upset that America has chosen Obama. I know that everyone doesn't agree with me, but I just don't agree with him. But of course, everything happens for a reason.

On a happier note, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and I cannot wait. Especially since I will be turning 20 next month. I believe that is a huge milestone in my life because no longer am I a teenager. Daniel and I have been really busy with school and work. It will be so nice just to be able to take a tiny break from it all and enjoy the Holiday Spirits. We have been going to the gym regularly and it has been so nice. Our goal is to go everyday until...forever. I am loving it which is great because normally I can't stand going to gym!

So currently, I have been heavily involved in Americas Next Top Model, Paris Hilton's BFF, and The Hills. I never thought I would be so obsessed with the Hills, but I also didn't think I could love the Twilight Series as well. So Right now in ANTM, they are in Holland and it's so neat because they have never gone there before in the history of the show. Elena just got the boot and so that makes me sad because she really did take great photos. I wish Marjorie would have gone home. She cries too much and can't handle being under pressure. I am still routing for Annaleigh!!

On Paris Hilton's BFF, which is my guilty pleasure, Kiki just got kicked off. I am glad cause that girl is so annoying and didn't even belong. You could tell she could care less about Paris. I know the show is fake, but it is quite entertaining. I think Brittney should win because she does seem the most genuine.

I am in love with the Hills. Ever since my coworkers persuaded me that it wasn't that a stupid show, I have been in love. Heidi just lost her job and Audrina just moved out of Lauren and Lo's House. We will see if Justin Bobby moves in with Audrina and how Heidi will pick up her feet. DRAMA DRAMA!

It is so weird that it's almost 2009! It still feels like it just was 2000, I always have to remind myself that is not. I am excited for the new year because things will start going by faster and we will have been married for one year! My brother is getting married to an awesome girl and we will be traveling out to Ohio for it. Daniel will be one semester closer to graduating. Life is great!
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