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Monday, November 17, 2008


So this weekend was a nice one. Even though I didn't do anything, I still enjoyed myself because I got to relax and catch up from the week. I have been fighting a cold. And I think I have conquered it. It is so fun to drive home from work and see all the Christmas Lights people put up. It's interesting because when its Halloween you don't see people put up Thanksgiving decorations, but you always see people put up Christmas Lights before Thanksgiving has even begun. It's nice that so many people get overly excited about such a lovely Holiday. I added my music player today. It's so fun! I love it. I am thinking about changing my background. I like doing that for some reason. I am not looking forward to snow. I cannot stand the snow. It's nice to look at from a distance...far warm distance. I hate driving, walking, slipping, and just being around the snow. I'd much rather have rain even though you get wet.

So we saw the new, well I guess old because we saw it at the Dollar Theatre called Ghost Town. It was really funny! I liked it alot and really do recommend it. I am really looking forward to seeing Twilight this Friday!!! I have my tickets already. Its going to be amazing. I cannot wait. I am bringing Daniel along with me even though he could probably care less. But I love it. And he loves me. Plus I will probably have to go see James Bond. Well anyways hope all has a good week.


  1. Diana its me!! Stephanie from work! I saw on facebook that you have a blog so I found you! I love blogging! Now we can be bloggin friends too

  2. hello love how are you? its been a while since we talked so I wanted to come and say hey on your awesome blog!


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