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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun Times with Daniel and Diana...and Amber.

Ever since I can remember, Daniel has always been wanting a camera. Not just any digital camera, but a nice one that you would have to save up for. Whenever we would go to Costco or Target, his eyes were like magnets and the camera would slowly gravitate him towards the camera section. I knew that he wanted it more than almost anything. I also knew that I would have to save big bucks. So we finally bought one! We are so glad that we did it.

Amber really does Loves me. haha

And I really Love her...haha look at her tongue in the first one!! Love it.

How Can you Say no to a face like that!! I know that I can't.

This Photo was drawn of Daniel and I for our wedding. Jen Overson is the artist. We gave her 2 photos of us as kids and she drew them together. We love it!! If you want her to do some drawings for you, I have connections.

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  1. Hey Diana! Can I please get the connection to this artist?! I want to do something for my mom for mother's day. Please let me know if you can.


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