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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brand New Dresser

Mary, my mother-in-law bought me and Daniel a brand new Dresser from RC Willey! It is so beautiful and so nice to have. I love it! It holds everything that I have and then some, just have to do laundry first haha. That's the only hard part. But I will get it done because I can't wait to use it!

Then today, I was looking through some old boxes of mine and I found a camera that Daniel bought me for Christmas 2007. He got it for obvious reasons, its called the Diana. It's supposed to take really cool photos, I haven't had my film develop, I should probably do that. It's such a cool looking camera that I started taking photos of it. So I made a collage and I think it turned out pretty cool. Its fun to get artsy once in a while.

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