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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4 days!

Yes, we are moving in 4 days! I am so not looking forward to the packing, cleaning, painting, mishaps that all go on with moving. But it definitely is worth it.

Things I will Miss...
My shows-we won't have cable for a few months. So I will miss the City (luckily I can watch it online), Real World, Bad Girls Club, Rock Of Love, anything on Style Network But we are going to sign up for NetFlix to make up for what we are losing. So I will get to see all those movies that I didn't think were worth spending 8 bucks seeing.

Amber-I will miss my baby (dog) and will definitely be making trips to see her often. Our

Neighbors/Ward-I will miss the people we are in contact with every week because we are on the same block. I have gained some great friendships with people and have learned a lot through their kindness and example.

Going to Timpanogos Temple- I love that temple, I was married there and It does have a special place in my heart. I know every temple is beautiful, but I can't help but favor
one over the other.

Orem Living- I believe living in Orem is so much easier than living in Provo. You don't have to deal with Student Life. We will be right next to BYU and I am not looking forward to BYU home games. It will be nearly impossible to do anything. But everyone has been telling me that Provo isn't as bad as I might think. I
possibly will gain life long friends from this experience and that alone makes me more excited than anything.
I am sure there are other things that I am forgetting, but this is what comes to mind.

Things that I am looking forward to...
Being able to cook in a large kitchen for my one true love- He complains I never cook. I complain that I don't have enough space. So I guess I have ran out of excuses. But I am truly excited to start making dishes my mother made me.

Attending a married ward- I am excited to meet people who are in our same situation (young, married, broke, going to school)

Strengthening Our Marriage- I honestly believe Marriage is one of the hardest things a person will ever have to face and it does not matter who you are. There are so many challenges that come from it. I am deeply grateful for my husband and how he always puts up with me and my faults. Even though he lets me know I have them haha, but still he accepts me for me. I think that is very important and vital for a strong marriage. Although I am a newlywed and don't have a ton of experience under my belt, I am learning a lot really fast.

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  1. Allan and i lived on provo when we first got married and Man i loved it. You are so lucky that you are moving, i want to move to bad i can taste it. If anything opens up by or around you PLEASE let me know. Hey when you and your hubby get settled in, we should hang out the 4 of us. If you need help let me know and i will help. :D Good luck


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