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Saturday, March 14, 2009

DIY: Headboard

I have been shopping around at craigslist, ksl, overstock.com and a few others for a nice sturdy, but also trendy headboard. I couldn't find anything that was under $50.00. Everything that was, was really ugly and old fashioned. I decided to make it myself. It couldn't be that hard or look bad. We bought, a piece of 5x8 plywood, a staple gun, Batting, black fabric and just put it together. Both Daniel and I got to work.

This is how it turned out. I was pleasantly surprised, but after watching so many trading spaces, you pretty much get the gist of how stuff is made. I am so lucky to have a handy-man like Daniel..I swear stuff like is so second nature to him. He can fix anything and IF he can't, he sure finds a way to do so.

Here is our pretty bed. Great spread from Ikea. I am thinking of making so accent pillows to go along with the bed. How about turqoise?

Photos to follow.


  1. Oh my awesome! How creative.

  2. That looks awesome! My bedroom is browns and blues and it is soooo soothing...some I'm totally in favor of the blue pillows!


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