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Friday, March 6, 2009

Try to be daring

This was my attempt at Killing a spider when being 5 feet away because I will not get any closer than 5 feet to a spider. I was throwing anything and everything in my path to kill that little creature. I hate those nasty little things.

Last night, I had the privilage of going to dinner with my wonderful friend, Sasha Hansen at the Olive Garden.
We did what girls do best: Gossip!

Are you like me? Do you go to the same resturaunts and pick the same food. Always. That is what I do. I bet Daniel could be told a resturaunt and he could tell you what I get. I am just not daring enough. I would rather be happy than disappointed. But it's definitely something I could work on-trying a new resturaunt or fo that matter trying a new food at resturaunt that I go to a lot.

Well tonight is Tucanos with Daniel's family for another birthday. And maybe I will try some chicken hearts....NAh.

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