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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Great Weekend! Don't want it to end!

Conference was amazing and honestly just what I needed. I am always so unsure of what my life is going to be like next week or what Heavenly Father plans for me. Whenever I watch conference, my faith is stronger and I have a great feeling about what needs to be done! It always feels so assuring. I am grateful for my church and what it allows me to do and feel. I was also happy that it was conference because I got to stay home. I am sicker than a dog....if dogs even got sick! I was fine yesterday and then all of a sudden at around 7pm I just started getting that mucusy feeling in my nose and a sore throat. I hate that cause you know what is about to come. I guess I asked for it because my husband has been sick all week and it was bound to happen, but I was trying my hardest to stay away, I guess he just can't stay away from me..and me neither : )! Plus it was such a gorgeous day! It would have been perfect to go take a walk and see the beautiful mountains..enjoy Gods creations, but instead I was trying to tame my stuffed nose. Oh well.

On Saturday, I had 2 amazing friends come and visit me!! Christine and Alyssa. I would link Christine's blog, but she is private..she is cool like that. They are from my old city-Upland, Ca. I love them so much, they are amazing people and so happy to know that we are still friends and that we still keep in contact. They are the type of friends that you know will Never Ever leave you. We all need some of those. Then later that night, my mom, sister and future sis-in law went out to Olive Garden to treat ourselves in Italian Deliciousness. It was fun to just do a girls night because we have not done that before. This is while the men went to Priesthood Session of Conference. Daniel went up to SLC to the actual Conference Center. He goes every year with his best buds. It's their little tradition.

PS- I put up my new jewelery on my website! Click HERE to go see!!! I am going to have rings and headbands up soon!! I will let you all know

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  1. Diana! It was so good to see you and Alyssa. Let's do it again. I had NO idea you were sick too. You didn't even tell us. Anyway, thanks for having us over at your adorable house. It was sooo good to catch up. Love the jewelry and love you!


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