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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Painted Nails

I painted my nails. I haven't used this color before mostly because I am not daring enough. Plus, I am sick of Daniel picking my cheap nail polish off in Sacrament meeting when he is bored. I decided to put on some longer lasting name brand polish. Plus, blue can be fun.

Our life has been pretty boring lately. We spend most of our nights at home watching TV or on the internet. Daniel recently got hooked to the Office. Yeah, he is a little late, but better late than never. We spent staying up till the wee hours doing homework because he "forgot" to do it. I helped type and edit some papers...made me think of high school. Not a good thought. I plan on going back to school. Hair school that is. When Daniel is done or close to it, I want to go to Paul Mitchell. That's the plan so far. If I went to college college, I would major in graphic design or marketing. That would be fun. I just really want to be a beautician. We are enjoying life and excited for Daniel to start school in summer. He isn't but I am because that means one class closer to graduation. He is taking 2 chemistry classes, his last English class, and another math class which is one of many. I hope it goes well.

Check out my jewelery!


  1. thanks for your comment!

    i love painted nails. my husband chips away at mine also...

    i'm a rilo fan. i haven't listened to her in a while so it was fun to hear your play list.

    cute earrings! i just may need that red pair!

  2. ahhh...

    i was in my work account apparently...

    that last comment was actually from me:)


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