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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shopping for Daniel

Daniel HATES clothes shopping. Even if it's for him and especially if it's for me. But I guess it's normal for guys to loathe shopping so much because if he liked it more than me, I would be worried. He works for Orem City and I guess with working there they give you 2 checks a year of $125 to go clothes shopping. That's not a whole lot to buy a wardrobe, but enough to buy a few key pieces. Hey it's $250 bucks a year to buy clothes..FREE! That is like my dream. I am glad that they did this because this allowed him to buy himself clothes. We went to Provo Mall and it was convienent because we were meeting up with Daniel's Cousin, Kyle and his Girlfriend Janessa at Wingers. Yum love my sticky Fingers. When he got home, I had him model off his clothes and take pictures so he can see how good he looks.

Now mind you, he doesn't act so silly in person. He is posing fo the camera. I love him and he cracks me up.

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  1. I LOVE taking Shane shopping with me. He always picks out the best stuff for me to wear. It's like he has this weird Clinton Kelly ability only for my personal style. He doesn't like shopping for himself though! I, on the other hand, love dressing up my man! Oh, and me loves me some sticky fingers drenched in Ranch...Perfectoyummo!


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