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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Night

We have done absolutely nothing and I am actually not opposed to it. I made scalloped potatoes and ate leftover ice cream cake. We have watched tv, did all of our dishes, cleaned up our house and are doing laundry. Daniel counted how much money we have in our change cup...

Guess how much!?
14 bucks!
That could get us some Wendy's Frosties
or some trash bags we keep forgetting to get at the store
or even 3 new light bulbs for our kitchen light that keeps going out even though it says they last 2 years...$4 bucks a bulb!!!!!

Here is my hot husband being a good sport and smiling for me.
That's me not wearing a single smear of make up! Yep, I am brave!
Have a nice weekend!!!

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