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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have been thinking...

Fabric that I am thinking for Pillows and curtains...not sure but I think I like!

I know that this space can't be all mine! Daniel always points out deer heads and says would you let me put that up in our house? I always no HECK NO! That thing would creep me out. But I think this would do! I certainly wouldn't mind this cardboard animal. I am not sure though if it gives the same masculine effect.

I am getting tired of my living room. It has been looked put together and hand me down-ish. I am grateful for the furniture that I have gotten, but I know that I can spruce it up. I have been on the look out for some cute inexpensive pieces that will look great in my space. I was surprised to find some cute things. I want to use Blue as the main color and some accents of red and dark blue. I am going to get light blue slips covers from Overstock.com. They have some great prices! I also want to find some nice wall hangings for my walls to make everything tie in together. Fabric is going to be important for pillows...lots of them. I am lucky because I can make them, but finding
the right fabric is the hard part.

I would like to get some awesome lamps in here. Pier 1 had some really cool styles. I love the blue base! It is such a pretty color and that tan lampshade is really pretty with it. I think these are both $50. That's not too bad, but I will use them a lot.

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