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Thursday, November 19, 2009

good things, bad things

Some really great things have happened this week and some not so great things have too. I guess you can't expect your life to be perfect all the time. Last Saturday, I was able to attend a baptism of a young woman whom I have known since 7th grade. She moved up to Utah to go to school and be with some friends that live up here that are LDS. I am really close with those girls. It was so amazing to see that and the spirit was just so strong. She has always been a very sweet and kind girl that it just made perfect sense for her to join the church. I know that she has made a very special decision that she will always treasure.

Some not so good news, well Daniel lost his job. The city was trying to cut back and since Daniel is part time and not on salary, it seemed fitting that he would be least likely to stick around. Its a bit of a shock since he has worked there over a year, but our life was just too good for a while. I am able to support both of us, but I know that money will be tight if he didn't find work anytime soon. Its frustrating going through craigslist, building a resume and realizing how much competition you have. The jobs are out there, its just putting forth that extra effort. We know Heavenly Father has a plan for us and we might not think that what has happened is the right thing, but obviously there is a lot we don't know. I am not too worried because I know that whatever happens, will be for a reason. Yes, I wish I could just start crying and throw a fit that his employer laid him off right before the holidays, but I know that doing that would be no good. Please pray for us even if you don't know us that well. It would mean a lot because I know that finding a job right now it next to impossible but it is. Thank you.

Thanksgiving is coming and we sure have a lot to be thankful for. We have a home and I have a job and we have a car and we have loving families and we have food and I have clothes. Many things which people do not have. I am realizing more and more that I was kind of too comfortable in my life and I expected a lot. I needed a little shake up so that I can realize that I need to start serving people. I have recently signed up to do a lot of volunteering in my ward and I am really excited to help those that need it. As thanksgiving approaches, I know there are people who might not have enough. I am hoping to find opportunities where I can help get their needs met.

I'll update as soon as I can when the obstacles that have been placed before us are no long obstacles :)

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  1. We are sorry to hear about Daniel's job. Know how that is. Everything does have a way of working out but it's hard to see the outcome till you are on the other side again. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Austin flies home tomorrow for Thanksgiving.


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