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Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Names


Last night before bed, Daniel and I decided on baby names for our next baby.  We have a boy and girl name ready.  Those names might change, but I think we pretty set.  When I was pregnant with Olivia, I decided her name pretty soon after we found out she was a girl.  Then I went back and forth between Olivia and another name.  I just couldn't decide.  Luckily, Daniel liked Olivia more so I didn't have to make the decision on my own.   

Both names we have picked out are family names on Daniel and my side.  I am hoping even more that it's a girl because I really like the name!

How did you pick out your children/future children's names?

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I CAN NOT wait to hear these lovely names! I picked the name Hudson because I love NYC and it reminds me of the Hudson River. Then after he was born, I found out my great(x5)grandmother's last name was Hudson. ;)

  2. Looking back I really don't know how we decided on the names we did. I think we both really liked Ally (but are more tradition naming people so we would do Alison) and then looked at baby name books and compiled a list of names we liked. We had several, and then once we started deciding on middle names it all started coming together. It's rough! Congrats on doing it so early!

  3. i LOVE the name Olivia. i don't know what the other choice was, but i'm glad you went with Olivia.

    i'm really excited for you to have this baby!

    Dave and I have already chosen names for our two sons and one daughter (yes, we will have two boys first and then a girl... i say that as if i can change God's mind, hahaha).

    i love our names and i rarely tell anyone what they are because i don't want anyone to steal them! i would be pissed.

  4. haha I've had my baby names picked out for years! I have 4 names picked out (2 boy, 2 girl) complete with middle names. I think names are so important. I just hope my future hubby likes them as well! But as I always say...if he doesn't like them, we'll just have more kiddos so he can pick out some names too! ;)

  5. we disagreed on so many names and then we just prayed about it and asked god to give us the perfect name and he sure did..with a nice long story to go with it;0. Great to hear that you have your names! Doesn't that feel so good!

  6. With our other two we just came to an aggreement ha. This one we have a girl name where I picked the first name and he the middle. If it's a boy we are stumped except for we know David will be in the name somewhere.

  7. I can't wait to hear the names!!! I have a list of names that I have been adding to since I was like 12. My husband disagrees with like 3/4 of them so when it comes to baby time we are going to be in trouble! We are definitely taking middle names from our ancestors! P.s. olivia is ADORABLE!!

  8. Ugh. The baby name war has been raging in our house since February.
    There are a couple that we agree on, but I can never figure out what the husband really likes. He won't be serious about this.

    He keeps throwing out names like Jereziah and Tryndamere.
    Sadly, those are from his favorite video games and though I know he's just teasing me, I'm ready to ring his neck. ;)

    But since we find out the gender so stinkin' soon I am sure he'll get more serious.

    Haha. Yay!

  9. Adorable baby girl you have!

    We really had no idea what baby name we wanted. We went through a baby book and made a list of unique names we liked! Apparently, a lot of people decided our babies name was unique too because we hear it often!

  10. I love thinking about baby names (and I don't even have any babies to name!). Have you heard of nameberry.com? I could lose hours there :) Can't wait to hear what you picked!

  11. I want to hear! haha. I love thinking of my future kids names. It is one of my favourite past times:) I bet your going to have a boy! haha.

  12. Seriously you make the cutest babies!!! This bun in the oven will come out looking just as gorgeous!!

  13. I've had my future baby names picked out for a long time and I'll be devastated if my husband hates them! I have more girl names though :)

  14. I LOVE talking about baby names! We have some wonderful family names and I think it's so much fun to use them but we pretty much have our baby names picked out (even though we aren't having babies for years). Can't wait to hear what you've picked.

  15. I've been set on 7 names ever since Max was born, but recently my husband decided on an 8th... which I guess means we'll have nine children?

    just kidding. we won't have 8 more kids, but i am super attached to my names!

  16. I am one of those girls that didnt plan my wedding- I planned my babies, HA! So I have names picked out since about 10 years ago. Cant wait to hear yours!

  17. I love the name Olivia!

    We choose our names picking from family names mostly. Our daughter has a family name and then her second name is a unique name that means something to us. For our next children, if they ever decide to come bless our home, we'll do the same: family name + a name we like. I am from Argentina so I want our children to have Hispanic names, consequently, the family names we choose are from my side of the family, hehe!


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