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Monday, August 15, 2011

When Craft Fairs Don't go as planned...


Just a warning, this post is a rant, so if you don't like complaining, probably shouldn't read it because that's pretty much what I am about to do! :)

As a small business owner, a great way to get your company out there is local craft fairs.  I have participated in several of these over the past year and have loved doing them.  That is why I keep going back for more.  I have met some fun people, learned about my business, and have gained customers!

This last weekend, I participated in Craft Lake City, held in Downtown SLC, Utah.  My expectations were set really high for this event and maybe they were set too high.  I was given all the information I needed before the actual day and communication between the event planners was awesome.

However, once the day arrived, I was pretty much let down for the following reasons:
I had to man my own booth from 2 pm - 9 pm.
Um, HI! I have a 1 year old and I am almost 6 months pregnant AND I don't want to stand in 90 degree weather.  Plus it was really windy, so we had to keep running after our prints! :(

I have to provide my own way of exchanging transactions.
Rarely does anyone use cash these days and luckily I have a square, but it wasn't working properly so pretty much cash was my only way of doing this.
(every other craft fair I have done has provided both the above for me!)

It seemed like almost every person that came to the event was there to just window shop and only take advantage of the free entertainment.  They didn't want to purchase so therefore I wasted lots of time.  Yes, business cards were passed out, so I can't complain completely.

It cost me $60.00 to just rent a table from them to display my product.  That is WAY more than any other show I have done and the other shows that I have participated in were more than just 7 hours...more like 2 days!

All in all, I was really disappointed with how the show was presented and maybe I should have known better, but I will definitely use better judgement when applying to craft fairs in the future.


  1. So sorry! Nothing is worse than major disappointment. Better luck next time!

  2. It will be better. Can't help but be, right?!

  3. What the? I'm glad it wasn't a total waste. Business cards are a big deal, right? I bought two prints from you from your etsy shop so I'm sure others will too.

  4. Oh man, sorry dear. That is so annoying! I wish I lived in Salt Lake, I would have been all, "hey girl! here's a lemonade and some cotton candy!"

    I guess in situations like this you just have to look at it as a learning experience... an expensive learning experience... and just move right along to the next craft fair!

  5. How sad! I went to it just to see you, I must have just missed you. I felt like it wasn't that well done either. And it only drew a certain crowd of people ya know? That's so frustrating!

  6. i am sooo sorry that it didn't go well. i have definitely been there w/ bad luck at a craft fair. sometimes people are just there to browse & that can get frustrating.

  7. Ohh man!!! That sounds frustrating. Let me give you a fair warning about the Woman's Expo.... they are exactly the same. I had to take down and set up the booth, you have to create a way for your own transactions if you are selling anything and usually everyone is handing out free things or huge discounts. I didn't know there was any other way, but I always hated doing the woman's expo because it was far to much work for two people. However I would walk over to the other booths and get a pedicure ahhahaha!!! Much more fun to visit then to have a booth.

    I am sorry it wasn't as fun as you had hoped. But I think it is easy to be disappointed because you have already had different experiences. Well maybe you will see the fruits of your labor manifest in the months to come when they say "I saw you at the Crafty Lake City." Who knows right?!?!

  8. Bummer! That sounds so frustrating.

  9. that is horrible...what a frustrating day! Guess you wont be going to that fair next year lol

  10. Ugh I'm sorry! THat is no fun! I worked at the Women's Expo in Orem before which I thought was fun. I actually LOVE working those kind of things so if I was there I could have helped!!! I love to work booths and expos and tradeshows! That is annoying about the transaction thing and the wind... :( Sorry girl! Hopefully it'll pay off!

    Ashley Sloan

  11. Thats the worst girl, I am sorry. I hate getting my hopes up for something only to have them let down! I am sure next time will be better!

  12. Booo! I'm sorry you had a bad time! I definitely wouldn't be able to do that with a baby and one on the way!

  13. Yikes, that is a MAJOR bummer lady! I feel sad for you =-(

  14. aw this is such a bummer! i'm sorry! i would be VERY frustrated too haha!


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