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Monday, March 26, 2012

Alt Summit Class


If you have ever heard of Alt Summit, you should!  They do this really cool thing where they offer classes in between the actual conference of their speakers for an hour for only $15! They have a variety of topics like building your etsy shop/blog, where to start on asking for sponsors, how to use Pinterest/facebook for getting views and how to build your readership. Really cool topics that we all want to know more information on.  I signed up to take a class just last week from Susan from Freshly Picked.  I LOVE HER! I am lucky enough to have met her several times, and she always a delight.

The class topic was building your Etsy/Blog.  I learned some great tips that I wanted to share with you:
Take pretty pictures of your products or blog pictures.
Do a survey for your readers and get to know what they want to see or read more of.
Make sure all your social networking platforms (twitter, instagram, Facebook, blog) have the same name.  Be Uniform and consistent.
With your pictures make sure to create an experience.
If you don't own a nice camera or know photography, maybe trade with a photographer your product from your shop.

If you are looking to amp your sales or blog, I highly recommend her class! She is totally relatable and awesome.


  1. So, about two years ago I was in Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer trade show (I used to design apparel and accessories for Columbia Sportswear). I was in the hotel that was hosting Alt Summit, but I had absolutely no idea what it was. I got home and read about it on the Design Mom blog and was like "dang it, I was so close." It sounds really cool!

  2. i totally want to go to real life altsummit too! are you going?


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