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Thursday, March 29, 2012



So we paid off our older car and then went and bought a new one. Brand spankin' new too!  Its a 2012 Honda Insight and it's all mine! I love her.  She fits 2 car seats snuggly in her 2nd row and it's sure fun to drive around town in.  We really wanted this car because it's a Hybrid and we all know gas isn't getting any cheaper so we thought why not.  So far we have been averaging 41 mpg.  Talk about amazing.  And then we are planning a trip to Canada this Summer and have already calculated the small amount for gas.  I think this car will really pay off in the long run especially since it's a great brand like Honda.


  1. We thought about one these too... but want a slightly bigger car (so we can ideally be able to fit three car seats in the back). But, man, I bet you'll love it!

  2. eeek!!! love it!!!love me some honda.


  3. nice car :)
    i love your graphics, it's awesome!

    xoxo, florencece


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