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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The bebes

Olivia at 21 months:

She says about 15 words.  No real sentences, but we are getting there.
LOVES puppies and kittens.  We live within walking distance to a Petsmart, so we go there quite a bit.
Gobbles Cottage Cheese right up!
Naps about every other day.
She has all her teeth but a few molars left! She has been a breeze with teething.

Harrison at 5 months:

Still sleeps all night with one feeding in the morning.
has a really cute laugh
only wants to be held by me
looks great in blue :)
trying really hard to sit up! Almost don't want him to yet.


  1. Such cute little peeps
    Jo :)

  2. I saw you at the blogger meet up and at the bijou market but I always feel too awkward at those things to say anything. So now I'm saying it. HI! And I love your platinum blonde hair. It is oh so beauitful. And I'd never guess you had two kids- you look so young!

    new follower :)


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