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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6 months

27 inches long. 15.8 lbs. 43.4 cm head

I have a 6 month old? What the!?
I really do feel like I just had this little guy.  It's crazy to think he is already half way done with his first year.  Harrison is one crazy little boy.  He loves to eat...doesn't really show it on his skinny tall stature, but whatever I am eating he wants.  And he can't always have, but sometimes I give him a little taste.

The past 4 nights he has dropped his middle of the night feeding.  It's nice knowing he can sleep through the night if he really wanted to.  But like always, babies' schedules change weekly.

Happy 6 months little guy!


  1. I love that little bit of hair on top, so cute!

  2. I see Olivia in him but at the same time he is his own little self. It amazes me everyday how 6 months comes and goes so quickly - over and over again!

    Austin comes home 6/12/12! Next Tuesday!


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