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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Party Banner

Olivia has a birthday coming up.  I was on Pinterest the other night searching for cute party themes (talk about last minute) and then I saw this adorable pin of a Dinosaur themed party and instantly thought how cool the colors were and how not cliche of a birthday party it was for a little girl.  Although Olivia would love it, she is much more a girly girl and chooses pink over any other color.  That's my girl!

I loved the details of the party especially the flag banner and thought why not make my own.  So I did just that at 11:30pm at night.  Daniel thought I was nutty (I am though) and honestly took less than 20 minutes to print, cut and assemble.  So that is why I have offered the herringbone pattern in 7 different colors for you!  Just click on the color you want below and print it out.  Cut on the dotted lines and then fold in half.  I used Bakers Twine for the strand and just attached on the fold with some tape.  Easy!

Orange    Pink   Green   Aqua    Yellow    Red    Black


  1. So dang cute!! Definitely going to save this for later! :) Thank you!!!

  2. Can you do one in purple?!!!

  3. sooo....I know you want to make me one of these for my classroom ;)

  4. great banner, thank you so much, love your blog look, must follow you on pinterest

  5. How come I get Olivia Harrison when I press your pinterest button? I thought your name is Diana.


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