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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Home Decor

I probably shouldn't say this on my blog in case I jinx it, but Saturday we signed papers for a house!! (EEEK!!)
It's still not completely set in stone since anything can happen and fall through, but we at least got our offer accepted by the bank which was taking forever!! We are thrilled because we have been wanting to buy a house for a while and we know how much fun it will be to have so much more space.  The house is a fixer upper which is what we wanted, and I am looking forward to all the DIY projects in the coming months which of course I will document here on the blog!  

The images above are great inspiration for what I want to recreate in our new home.  Lots of clean lines with bright pops of color! If you know me, you know I LOVE color.  Just look at my shop.

How fun is the bright pops of yellow?  Such a great color and am really thinking of using it a lot in my home design.  I'll keep you all posted!


  1. Yayy! So exciting! Still in Orem?

  2. Call Riley to help with the move! He is great at it (plenty of practice). Guess what & in case you hadn't heard - we are moving to Salem, OR. Come visit.

  3. That's SO exciting! Congrats. LOVE the pics you posted. The white with pops of color (esp yellow) are fantastic!

  4. How exciting! I bet it's going to be so cute when you're all done with decorating. I love yellow too! My living room is yellow.

  5. I am so darned excited for you guys!! :D

  6. yay! so excited for you & excited for the new home pics! it was great to meet you this weekend. :)


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