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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olivia's Birthday

July 29th was Olivia's 2nd Birthday! I am now realizing that I have a 2 year old! It's pretty crazy to me. In the morning, I kept saying that she was two and by noon whenever I asked her how old she was she would say "tew!"  It was pretty cute.  Oh man have terrible twos hit.  I have had to stop and start this blog post because she is whining in her crib.  Is she three yet?  Even then there will be challenges.  I love this little girl though, she has brought me so much happiness and I never realized it before her!


  1. 2 is the best age!! i loved when zach was two & now adie will be two .. three is so much harder! haha enjoy all 363 days left of two :)

    happy belated olivia!

  2. you look FAB!!! and happy happy birthday to Olivia!!

  3. I'm sorry to say that 3 was worse than 2 for us, with both kids! ;) But, there are FAR too many ups compared to the downs, so you'll be ok. Such an adorable little thing she is! And, you are looking amazing!!! Happy Birthday to little Olivia!


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