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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Brother and Sister

As Harrison is getting older, he has made it clear that his sister is his best friend (besides me).  He adores Olivia and the feeling is definitely mutual.  The fighting hasn't really started yet, but I can tell they are going to have lots of giggles and laughs together since they already do.  It's typical to hear Olivia in the backseat of the car say BOO over and over to Harrison just so she can hear him belly laugh.  Often times, I will find them playing alone with toys and just being completely happy together.  I always wished for this to happen someday when I found out I was having Harrison and now that it is, it makes me more happy than words. 

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  1. Your two are so cute, Diana! Oh my goodness. I love having mine close. They are either best friends are worst enemies, but then are best friends all over again. :)


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