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Monday, August 6, 2012

Farm Table

I'll admit it, I LOVE this trend right now. I love it so much that I am already planning my next DIY project for when we move into our house.  I am lucky to have such a handy husband or else I would probably never even think of doing it myself.  Don't you just love the look of the big dark wood against the pretty white chairs?  Below is how I envision doing my own creation of this with those pretty blue chair next to it.  I think it would be make such an inviting place to eat meals and socialize with friends.
Do you like this look or are you more traditional?



  1. Love these both! The bright aqua in the bottom table is great. But.. there's something about that top table that I just LOVE. Reminds me SO much of the one we plan to build once we move! Have fun. ;)

  2. I LOVE the farm table look---I so want one---but for now our old kitchen table is going to have to work with our two kids who love to beat up the table;) Glad someone else loves them as much as me!


  3. I don't like that the blue looks so beat up. If you are going to spend time sanding and painted and sanding and painting and all that money, why bang it up and "distress it". Yeah, old looks cool and it is in fashion right now but I like new things to look new and old things to look old.

  4. Hi Diana! That kitchen table is AMAZING! I would choose the top table but I would make sure I found a home for the bottom table somewhere else in my house as a large desk or something.

  5. im OBSESSED with wood tables and white chairs too! Such a good combo!


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