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Sunday, August 19, 2012

McLean Wedding

It's been such a busy weekend for us.  Daniel's cousin got married this weekend and we have had fun celebrating with them. Daniel's family is from Canada so they traveled down here to see the happy couple get married.  We've had lots of food, laughs, and made lots of memories.

The only way to keep your kids entertained at the temple is to pull out the phone and let the boy crawl. It worked for a little bit.

This week we are driving to Alberta for another wedding.  This time it's the grooms brother.  Wish us luck as we take our first road trip with these two little ones!!


  1. You have THE cutest family ever!

  2. great pictures! you look beautiful!

  3. Where is Alberta? Coming through Oregon? Did you know we are settled in there now? Come stay!


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