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Friday, October 5, 2012

10 months & Free Halloween Printable

Yesterday, Harrison turned 10 months old!
He is growing like crazy:

He sleeps through the night. 
He has 9 teeth.
Says "mama" and "dada"
Took his first steps tonight!
Eats just about anything.
Has had 2 haircuts already.
Last one to go to sleep (of the two) and the first one to rise!

This kid is just too much! I can already see him developing into a little boy! 

Also, I have been majorly failing at Freebie Friday so here are TWO Free 8 x10 printables that are Halloween themed.  Click the links below to print them out! You can frame them or just cut them out and display them as Halloween decor!


  1. Oh he's so darn cute!!! Love the Halloween printable too, I downloaded the Trick or Treat one :) Thanks so much!

  2. These are super cute!!! I pinned it, too.

  3. These are super cute!!! I pinned it, too.


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