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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bathroom Remodel Update

 If you remember the bathroom remodel before pictures then you can tell we have made some major progress on this bathroom!  We (Daniel) peeled off all the wall paper in the bathroom and removed some of the faux marble wall.  In the picture you can see the bottom half of the walls are patchy with brown?  Thats where we tore off the marble.  We plan on wallpapering that, so it didn't matter a whole lot what it looked like.  We did plaster it though to give it a somewhat smooth finish for the wallpaper to lay on.  We still haven't gotten the wall paper up yet because it was delayed from Hurricane Sandy.  It should be here this week and we will get to work right away.  We decided to paint the walls white because one, we had a huge bucket of it.  And secondly, I wanted something really plain to off balance the bold wall paper, makes sense right?  I might paint the vanity a light grey, but we will see.  I am almost sick of painting, almost!  We have so far replaced the mirror, the light, the shower head and knobs, soon to be wallpaper and painted the walls.  I would LOVE to replace the tiled floors, but since its our only working bathroom, I think we might have to wait on that.  Well now that this is looking good, just wait until you see our basement...lets just say Daniel knocked down LOTS of walls.


  1. Wow - you guys are really moving on this house!

  2. Good work! Scraping wallpaper is the WORST.

    We ended up dry-walling OVER our old bathroom wallpaper because I could not get it off for the life of me. It was a nightmare.

  3. That is always the best--getting at least SOME of it done!


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