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Thursday, November 8, 2012


I decided it was time to let go of the binkie.  Olivia is almost 2 1/2 and I think it looks a little silly when she is full on talking to us with a binkie in her mouth so I made the goal to get rid of it.  Today is day 4 without it.  I only give it to her to go to sleep with and other than that she has asked for it several times, but its been rather surprising since she doesn't seem too bothered she doesn't have it.  She definitely talks a lot more with out it, which is nice because she started saying words I had no idea she knew.  We went to see our friend Kelsey and after we got home she kept saying "Kelkee" and then I was putting in her pajamas after her bath that night and she says "mermaid" since there was one on them.  I was pleasantly surprised so I think this no binkie thing is going to go really well!

Harrison turned 11 months last week and I am just amazed that he turns 1 in a month.  I need to start getting his party planned but you know how it is when you feel like you have enough time because you think they aren't going to be one for a while, well yeah its almost here and I need to hurry up and plan.  He is walking all over the place and starting to pick up certain things like holding a phone to his ear and waving hi and bye. It's been so fun having them at this age.  

I am loving being in our house although our basement flooded this past week.  Luckily we don't have much down there so no damage happened, but now we have to figure out why! We are having a plumber come out today so cross your fingers it gets fixed and for not a lot of $$! Oh the joys of homeownership! Wouldn't trade it though.


  1. Theyre getting so big. Seems like you just had Harrison!!! Ps. that pizza in the bottom pic looks yummy! LOL!

  2. I can't believe your baby is almost one! Crazy! Good luck party planning and with the wet basement.

  3. We got rid of my Liv's pacifier this week too! She just turned 3 and we told her when she was 3 it was time to say "bye-bye paci" like Elmo. Pretty much drama free over here too. Hooray for paci-free Livy babies!

  4. They are so cute!! I'm loving your blog!


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