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Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Photos

My good friend Erika agreed to take our family photos right before the birthday party Saturday (smart Diana) and I knew that it wasn't going to turn out great since it was freezing outside and the kids were being you know whats, but we did it anyways.  we got a bunch of these and a whole lot of hilarious photos.  (THANK YOU ERIKA!)  We might have learned our lesson to just plan ahead and not rush any situation with two little kids who have been fed lots of sugar.  


  1. It's okay they didn't turn out picture perfect. It shows personality, and that's the best thing! I love this photo!

    <3, Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

  2. you guys always look wonderful no matter what! I like the picture ;)

  3. Hey! I found your blog but I can't find you on Facebook! Will you let me know how to find you? I type in your name but it gives me all these weird ones! Or you can add me too! Samantha Wilson

  4. So cute Diana!! What a beautiful family you have!!! It's been a while since I looked at any blogs and I am so happy to see yours. It looks so cute!! And I am also glad that you haven't updated as much, it makes me feel so much better ahhaahha. I have been HORRIBLE at blogging! Plus I feel less guilty knowing I haven't missed too much of your blog! hahah


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