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Friday, February 22, 2013

A few of my favorite things

Want to know what are some of my favorite things that I am enjoying this week?  Well I will tell you.  
The first being this great case I bought for our iPad.  I bought it on Ebay for around $20 including shipping.  I've seen it in stores, but its more like $30-$40.  The kids are on the ipad the most and they are always dropping it! So I knew if I didn't get a sturdy case then there would not be an iPad.  I love the handle it has too so its easy for the kids to grab and put on their lap.

Also enjoying the lovely roses Daniel got me for Valentines Day last week.  Still going strong and making my dining table happy.

I got some great new running shoes this week too.  I always have a hard time breaking into new shoes and they always come with blisters or some sort of discomfort.  I tried these shoes on at Famous Footwear and they were so comfortable.  I have been wearing them all week! Plus the hot pink sure helps me love them even more!

My good friend Melissa introduced me to this amazing treat.  Its Honey Greek Yogurt + 2 tablespoons (ish) of Peanut butter and you make it a yummy healthy dip.  We have been eating it with apples and strawberries almost everyday.  Speaking of, I need to go get more Greek Yogurt!

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