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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Alt Summit 2013 Recap

I know Alt ended over a week ago and basically everyone has already posted about it, but I still wanted to give my two cents on what I thought about the conference!  I had heard so many opinions on what to expect and what to do while attending the conference that I wasn't sure what to think other than just go and enjoy yourself and hopefully meet some great new people.  Alycia and I definitely lucked out and got to room with Melissa from I Still Love You and Miranda from One Little Minute.  Having them as roommates made the whole weekend much more enjoyable! Each day was super busy and packed with classes and information.  By the end of the day, it was hard trying to soak everything in and it was very tempting to go to our hotel to nap...which we did haha! The parties were amazing.  So detailed and you could tell so much thought was put into them.  The biggest thing for me that stuck out was just keep doing what you are doing.  I knew quite a bit of information already said at the conference since I have been blogging for almost 5 years and have had my shop for 3.  I did learn some new things but it was honestly nice to hear that what you are doing is great and to keep working at your goal of success. You don't always get to be in a room with amazingly creative people.  That was by far very inspiring to see other people who have built up their brand from the beginning with barely any help and only amazing ideas.  Something I didn't know I would enjoy as much was making a lamp shade.  Like I made it from start to beginning.  (see bottom picture)  Alt was so much fun and I think I might go again next year! I will be at Snap! 2013... so maybe I will see you there!


  1. glad you had a good time! it was fun seeing you :)

  2. I love your dress!! Where did you get it?

  3. It was a blast!!! :) Thanks for being my roomie and Alt buddy!


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