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Monday, February 4, 2013

Front Entryway Redo!

 We have been in our new house for almost 4 months! It feels much longer considering all the work we have done to it.  I loved the striped look in homes.  I love color (you probably already knew that) and I love stripes so I of course had to do something in my home that included both of these.  We decided to stripe our front entry way.  A lot of people asked me if it was hard.  Honestly, it was very easy because of my husband.  He has a great eye for these sorts of things and is great handy man so no it was easy.  He measured out the stripes and then taped off where we were to paint. The ceilings in our home are 8ft.  I knew I wanted 10-12 inch width stripes so we just divided that into 8ft and came out with 4 thick 12 inch stripes which turned out perfect.  The hardest part for me was picking the right color.  I originally wanted to go with grey.  Its a safe neutral trendy color...however, I am not one to pick something safe and so I went and got one of my favorite colors.  The wall color is Cool Jazz by Behr.  I already had this color throughout my living room in small parts so I knew it would go well with what I already had.

Sorry these pictures are poor quality, they were taken on my phone at 11 pm since thats really the only time we have to paint.  You can tell when I took the pictures in the morning due to the light!

I would totally do this again my house, but I don't want to go overboard.  I think it works great for the small awkward space that is my entry way and makes it welcoming and is attractive to the eye.


  1. Wow, it looks SO lovely!! Great job!

  2. so bright and happy! lovin the stripes. good work!!

  3. Perfect! I have been wanting to paint stripes in my boy's rooms but it's kind of intimidating! Can you come do it for me? ;-)

  4. your husband is seriously so talented! he can do anything around the house! you guys did a great job! the stripes add a lot of excitement! love it!

  5. that looks wonderful! it "happy's" up the space a ton!

  6. it looks fantastic! Really brightens the room... I love the teal you used. We did a striped wall in our guest room :)

  7. I love this!! Great job!
    -Rachel (R&R Workshop)


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