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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Important Things

I will be honest, we watch way too much TV.  Or should I say Spongebob.  I really don't even care for TV unless I have something specific that I want to watch, but since having kids its very easy to let that thing stay on all day.  I have been trying to do better at this since I don't want to let my kids think that its okay to do that.  Today, I tried to get creative as being a mom.  We made and painted valentines (which I will show in a later post).  We started color coordinating small objects in the house since Liv is learning her colors.  She is doing quite well too! And most importantly, we read books, colored paper and laughed together.  It was so much fun to actually play with my kids not listen to them in the other room fight over the barbie doll.  Poor Harrison never wins! Even though, it wasn't tantrum-free (see last picture) we still had fun and I will remember that.  I feel like when I make an extra effort to do something for them, naturally, I in turn do something for myself.  I got half of my orders done by noon and then by 3 (Harrison's nap) I got laundry started and dishes done.  That would never happen had the TV been the main source of entertainment.  Being a parent is a stress-loading role, but seriously is so much fun!


  1. Can't wait to see the Valentine's. I need to set up a project for my LO.


  2. When there's special one-on-one time together, alone play time goes a LOT smoother, I totally agree on that one. I always get more done when I set aside an hour or two of mommy & toddler play time first.

    Your kids are SO cute!


  3. When Riley & Austin we little, John was working graveyard at Fidelity phone center dealing w/overseas clients. When it was bedtime I would put Austin to bed and let Riley fall asleep watching tv. If I let him cry to sleep I couldn't handle him waking up Austin. When we moved to WA and I became a stay-at-home mom it was a rude awakening to have him have to go to bed and fall asleep without the tv! We all have our little mechanisms at different times in our lives that work, help us cope and in the end are just fine.

  4. I hear ya!! I make a strong effort to limit Bennett's TV time. I let him watch Micky Mouse in the morning and then the TV is off. After he gets up from his nap, he's allowed to watch a movie before dinner. But for the most part, I try to think of things to do with him that will keep him entertained. Unfortunately, not much works, he usually just wants to rough house. lol. But that's still so much fun!! Then you add my 10 month old into the mix and we have a blast!


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