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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kids Valentines

 Since Valentines' is just a few days away, I was thinking how could I involve my kids more than just getting a box of pre made Valentines at Target or doing nothing at all?  I decided to draw up a fun generic Valentine and then let my kids finger paint them and give their personal touch!  Obviously, they have no idea what Valentines day is yet, but finger painting, they sure do!  We spent an afternoon getting messy with blues, reds and purples.  It was fun to create with them and see them use color.  Once their pages dried, I cut them up in fours.  We got some candy and festive cello bags from Wal Mart then Olivia helped me package the bags with candy.  It was sure hard for her to resist opening each one.  Then we just taped each card onto the bag and there you go! Homemade Valentines that your kids can easily enjoy while still being original.  I think the kids have a few special people in their lives they want to give these to and I know that is the best part! I have included the Valentine in a PDF for download.  Feel free to use this for Valentines day!

Click here for a FREE Valentine Download


  1. So cute & precious :) I love making Valentines!!

  2. These are the cutest! Growing up I would always hand-make my valentines for class...it's so much more fun & personal :)


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