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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Livi Lou

Somedays, I am just amazed at this little girl.  I don't realize enough how lucky I am to have her in my life and to thank my lucky stars that I get to be her mom.  Olivia is one of the sweetest girls that I know.  I know I probably have to say that because I am her mom, but honestly she is always watching out for other people making sure they are happy before she is.  Of course, not always, but more times than not. She definitely makes my heart soar.  My little brother gets home from his mission today and Olivia was only 7 months old when he left.  She of course doesn't remember him, but all she does lately is talk about how he is coming home.  I really look forward to the relationship she has with him because he is so fun too.

I think the only thing we struggle with Olivia is which has now gone away is nursery.  She hated going because it meant we were leaving her.  I struggled with that as a child (yes I remember because it was traumatizing, but I'll get over it :) so part of me feels guilty because I know how hard it is to want to stay with your mom.  We obviously had to just leave her and it took a few weeks for her to realize that it wasn't bad and that it actually was something to look forward to.

I think I am going to start potty training her too once we have our second bathroom refinished.  Right now, getting on the potty isn't something she wants to do.  She is well aware of what it is and what its used for so I think I am just going to wait until she is a little older.

Olivia also LOVES her binkie.  It's something that I know we have to take away soon and most likely cold turkey because she just can't give it up certain hours of the day.  I think the only reason I am resisting is because Harrison has one and I know she sees him use his so its hard to completely get it out of her mind because she sees him with one.  She's only 2.5 and I still have time for these things but I know that 3 is coming up quick and I want to be prepared.

I guess those are really great things to have to deal with a child and it could be way worse so I know I am very lucky in that department.  I sure love this girl and everyday is such a joy with her.


  1. I love cute oliva to! potty training sounds exciting!

  2. That picture is adorable! I have a 2 1/2 year old...potty training is approaching here too!


    1. I would love any tips!! I am very much dreading it!

  3. WOW. Good for him! Glad he is home safe & sound :)


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