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Monday, March 4, 2013

New Couches

So this is the other part of my living room.  I had been looking actively for a new sofa for a while.  I decided to just to look in the store rather than online because it was not getting me anywhere.  I lugged the kids in with me which I knew was not my smartest decision since everything takes twice as long with little kids.  However, I managed and it made it so I had to make a decision and not mosey around. I saw this sofa set for a great price and loved the neutral color as well as durability of the fabric.  I am not too sure what fabric it is, but its not microfiber.  They are pretty comfortable too and the kids seem to really like them.  Now the fun part is trying to fit them nicely into the room.  I've got a few ideas!


  1. They are beautiful! Love the color! xxx

  2. Those couches seem SO comfy! Great style too.


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