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Friday, May 3, 2013

Recent printables

I have become a contributor for several blogs recently.  One being the adorable and inspiring 6th street design school.  I have read this blog for years and when I finally met Kirsten about 6 months ago, we instantly clicked! I am now a graphic design contributor for her blog offering free monthly printables! This month was centered around Mother's Day and I thought I should share with you the free download! Go to her blog found here to download this print!

I also have been contributing to the blog Love Stitched!  Brittany is just such a cool girl and I love being able to work with her!  I created a free download of these floral tags that you can stick to gifts or just write a sweet note on them.  To download these beauties, go to her blog here!


  1. I love your design and that quote~

  2. Hi! you have a cute family and really nice ideas! I am also starting with my new blog in Spanish that will cover several areas like Healthy life, Beauty, DIY, Films, Books and a bit of many other things. I will try to check you regularly. I like you designs.


    The translation will be as "We can chat together" Good luck with you blog


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