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Friday, July 19, 2013

Brother and Sister

My kids seem like they are always fighting over the iPad or the newest toy or whatever the other person wants, so this photo is a real gem because they are completely happy with each other.  I didn't realize at almost 3 years old and 19 months, I would be telling them to stop fighting.  I thought that was to come much later, but I guess you can still fight even when you're still in diapers.  Olivia is turning 3 in just over a week and we are getting so excited for her big day.  This year is especially exciting because she knows what a birthday is and she knows hers is coming up.  She wanted a princess mermaid party, but I decided to nix the mermaid and just do princess.  They don't have a ton of mermaid and princess decorations.  I don't think she will mind one bit when she sees the castle jump house that we got for her birthday party.  I still am having a hard time realizing that she is going to be 3! Now I really have to start potty training since she is going to pre school next month.  

It's so fun to watch these two play and grow up together.  They miss each other when the other one is away and they have huge smiles on their faces when they see each other every morning.  Well I hear Harrison trying to grab the iPad from Olivia, better get on that!


  1. they are so cute! i want to have my kids close in age like this too.. i'm close to my brother and it is the best. the older we have gotten the better friends we have become.


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