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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

6 month Anniversary

Today is a big deal because 6 months ago, I started this weight loss journey!  I had no idea I would still be on this road although I hoped I would and I am so proud of myself for continuing on! They aren't the best quality of photos, but I hope you can still see the progress. I have come to learn that when trying to lose weight, you should celebrate every victory.  Whether it be fitting into a smaller sized pant or even being able to resist the chocolate ice cream calling your name, you definitely deserve to pat yourself on the back and be proud of your determination.  That is why I am posting so proudly that I am still going to strong on this journey after 6 months! I have lost 9 inches off my hips and 7 inches off my waist! I am fitting into pants 4 sizes smaller than when I started.  

Tonight on my run, I was kind of dreading it because I wanted to be home with my family, but I wanted to get out before the sun went down.  I had to run 6 miles which is still not easy for me.  I have to take a few breaks, but I try to keep up a consistent pace.  About 20 mins in, I realized my legs were't aching, my pace was steady and I was enjoying it.  I could tell my endurance was getting better and it was a pretty great feeling since I feel like I am way over my head for doing this half marathon.  I still have 9 weeks left so I hope to be comfortably running 8-10 miles by then, but it made me feel pretty good about the goals I have set up for myself.  

I post daily about my progress on my instagram if you are interested in learning more: @livylovedesigns
Also, would love to hear of any post ideas you might have that I could answer! Weight loss has so many angles and would love to address them all because I am still learning too!
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  1. I saw this on insta and think I forgot to add to the comments. You look so amazing. It's super inspiring!! Work it, girl!

  2. You look incredible!!! What an inspiring story!!! Go you!!!!

  3. oooh! Looking amazing girl! Keep up the awesome!



    Janette Lane Blog

  4. Congrats girl! I am so proud of you!

  5. You are amazing! You are totally motivating me :)

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