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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Controlling your Cravings

Cravings are a part of life.  I have never met anyone who never craves something whether it be good or bad.  My cravings tend to be mostly on the unhealthier side.  I crave cafe rio, ice cream, candy bars and frozen yogurt.  You don't hear me usually saying how much I crave a carrot or some squash! 

I wanted to share some helpful things that help me control my cravings because I don't think I would be as successful with my weight loss if I didn't practice these literally every day of my life.  You may have heard of some of these before or even be surprised by some but I promise these will help reduce the times you sneak a donut.

Drinking Water with every meal
I don't eat a whole lot of food a day (1500 calories) so my cravings can definitely spike when I am feeling some hunger.  One way I have reduced this problem is drinking water.  I know you all know this but I can definitely attest that this is a big one.  With every meal, big or small, I try and drink around 32 oz.  This helps when my grilled chicken breast and side of steamed vegetables don't fill me up.  I almost always feel full and sometimes can't finish my meal completely.  Around 2 pm, I start to feel a little hungry because lunch was 2 hours ago and I still have a few hours till dinner time.  I usually will cut up an apple and spoon some skippy's all natural no sir peanut butter which I have recently really loved.  Then I drink another 32 oz (or at least try and drink it all) and honestly it ties me over to 5 or 6 when we eat dinner.  Plus with all that water intake, I definitely have a lot more energy and feel better during my evening workouts.

Don't buy the treats
I am guilty of this time and time again and each time I say I won't eat them all and I end up doing just that.  I don't even go down the chip/candy aisle at the grocery store anymore.  I know nothing in that aisle is something that I need. With kids, gummies and crackers are basically a staple.  I know that when hunger and cravings kick in, this could be pretty dangerous.  I just stick those bad boys in my pantry and hide them behind cereal boxes or somewhere that I cannot see.  The saying "out of sight, out of mine" definitely is true regarding this tip.  

Indulge Once in a while
I am a strong believer that you need to treat yourself time and time again.  This doesn't mean to go crazy and eat horribly all day.  You don't want to ruin your hard work from the entire week.  What keeps me going when I have been wanting something all week is telling myself that I will eat it on Saturday when I can cheat.  If the craving is still there by Saturday, I will indulge and if not I will still treat myself to something else.  That way my brain isn't thinking its constantly being deprived of treats and letting me think that I can still have it, just not all the time like I used to.  

I think one last tip that I have is when you have a craving that you just can't get it to go away no matter what you do, I would try and make it healthy.  For example, if I am craving some chips, I would eat some pita chips or something that is much healthier.  Always remember that one slip or cheat meal is not going to ruin all of your progress.  Feeling guilty isn't going to do any good either. Just keep on going and learn from that mistake!

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  1. I love your idea of making sure to drink water with every meal! It makes complete sense that it would fill you up faster, and your body feels better with the extra. Such an easy habit to start as well, thanks for the tips!


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