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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I think the biggest perk about losing weight is the confidence that comes with it.  I have so much more energy now, but I also feel really good about myself.  I know I have more weight to lose, but 6 months ago, I was not nearly as happy as I am with myself, as I am now.  I think that alone is worth all the exhausting workouts and sweat-soaking t shirts.  6 months ago, I would not have worn this leopard blouse from Ruby Bloom, which let me tell you, they so many cute clothes ranging in sizes from  S-XXXL.  If you live in Utah, they are opening up a boutique in American Fork in September.  Pretty excited about that.  But back to what I was saying about weight loss. Since losing now 58 lbs clothes just feel better and it also helps when I buy clothes in a smaller size.  

Each week, I try and set goals for myself to complete.  You might think, why do that?  It's only a week!  Well I really need those goals to help me get through so that I can see results at the end.  

This week, I have decided to focus more on my running.  I want to start maintaining my pace when I run and not be all over the place.  I find I run better when I do that.  I also want to be 100% on my water intake.  Yep, that means 150oz of water a day! Especially since its so hot outside, I think that's least I could do for my body.  I also want to snack less.  I have  a huge box of wheat thins that my kids munch on and unfortunately, I do too sometimes.  They aren't the healthiest thing in the world, so I need to cut that out.  

Here's to another great week of amazing workouts and healthy eating!


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