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Monday, September 9, 2013

Cross Training while Marathon Training

Since I have been following a schedule for half marathon training, I have 2 days out of the week where I have to cross train.  I have had an interesting time deciding what to do on those days because I don't want to just do cardio every day.  I want to also do strength training to hopefully tone my body while I lose weight.  Lately, I have been doing lots of yoga, some Zumba, and this last week I tried out Cardio Barre at the Quarry Bend in Sandy, Utah for the first time!

I had never tried this before and so I was not sure what to expect.  Basically it was a lot of strengthening and toning while using the ballet bar to hold onto for support.  30 minutes into it, I was definitely feeling sore, but the good kind.  I would love to try it out again.  

The hardest part for me about Half Marathon training and I am sure anyone would agree is the long runs.  I just have a hard time fitting it into my schedule because it does take up a big chunk of my day.  On Saturdays, I usually run these because my husband is home with my kids.  This last week I did another 9 miler and this coming week I have to do 10! I know it sounds like a lot and it really is, but its very empowering when you finish.  Just thinking that you just ran 9 miles makes you feel pretty amazing! I get a high off doing it so thinking about doing it again is a little exciting.  I hope that doesn't sound too weird!

Well I plan on making this next week another great one! I want to continue building my endurance so I can do really well on race day.  Also, I have already decided on my next half marathon! We are going to Seattle Rock N Roll half marathon next year! I am already so excited to keep up my running goals!


  1. you seriously look amazing girl!!! I LOVE the bryce canyon half marathon... and also the Hobble Creek half is great too- and a LOT of people get their PR's on the Provo river half marathon, including myself! Just a few races that I love... you should look into them :) xoxoxo

  2. I've been off and on following you for a few years now, and I just had to stop in and leave a comment. You always struck me as a happy person in your photos, but you are positively beaming!! It's like your whole self is smiling! Your progress is INCREDIBLE. I love running- it took my approach to health and fitness in a whole new direction and moved the focus away from a number on the scale. Well done, keep it up- you're an inspiration!

  3. Ditto to what Emma B said. Diana, have you tried swimming? I think you would love it! Too bad I just moved away from Seattle. I would have loved to cheer you on.


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