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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Land of Nod Party

Not going to lie, a big perk of being a blogger is the amazing parties that you can get to go to.  I have met some of the coolest people at these too! I would never have met them other wise.  Small Fry and 6th Street Design School put on a Land of Nod trunk show party at the Awful Waffle last week.  

They fed us all unlimited amounts of pizza and waffles which are not just your regular fresh out of the freezer kind.  They are made right there on the spot with amazing flavors! I had to hold back best I could when being offered some with my no cheats till Thanksgiving goal, but I am proud to say I didn't even have one bite.  Wasn't easy though.  

I was so excited when they did a giveaway of a bunch of things from the Land of Nod.  I won a huge shark stuffed animal and man I was so excited to give to Harrison when I got home.  He loved it so much! I just couldn't wait until his birthday next week to give it to him.  Have I mentioned I can't keep secrets?  Working on it.  Loved the party, would have loved the food, most importantly, LOVED the people.


  1. These are the little things that make me miss Utah! I used to live next door to the awful waffle and I totally want one now!!

  2. Ohh how fun!!
    Btw.. I'm horrible at being so excited about a gift and having to wait to give it.. Haha

  3. I have been wondering (for quite some time now) where do you shop for your tops? You always have cute shirts and blouses!


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