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Thursday, December 12, 2013

This week

We have been so sick at our house.  Harrison got the croup, Olivia got double ear infections.  Then I got bronchitis.  Luckily Daniel was well enough to take care of us when he was home.  We also got loads of snow that is just barely melting, but we are still in freezing temps (I think the whole country is though).  Geez, I am not a fan of this weather.  I am still going strong at the gym which has been a nice alternative from running outside.  I have really gotten cozy with the treadmill, try to run longer even though the treadmill is horrible to run on.  Harrison celebrated his 2nd birthday last week.  He was so sick that we didn't do much, but we did have some cake and he got some cool new trucks.  My dog Dane is so lazy and you can often times find him lounging at him like the above picture.  We also got Ninja (early Christmas present from Daniel) and have been making some healthy smoothies.  The kids are big fans which is great for their little bodies.  I am hoping we don't get snow for a while, at least until Christmas.  


  1. Wait, why is the treadmill horrible to run on?

    1. Compared to running outside, it's monotonous and boring to me. I'd much rather run outside than 4-5 miles on a treadmill.


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