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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weight loss Update

Photos taken on 11/24.

Another month has come and gone.  It's weird how fast it goes when I don't pay attention to it.  Like always, I want to keep you all updated on my weight loss because it for sure keeps me accountable.  Here is last months.

While I am still continuing strong on my journey, I am not losing weight as quickly as I was before.  I am now at 86 lbs lost which is only 6 lb difference from my last update.  It can for sure be discouraging but I know that its going to get a lot harder to lose the weight because I am nearing my goal.  I am very much okay with that.  Also, since its getting colder and darker, I can't exercise like I used to, but I am trying hard to.  When I think about how much I have left…it's only like 30 lbs.  It's a little odd being so close to my goal.  I remember thinking how far I had ahead of me, but I am almost there! 

Thanksgiving was rough.  I did my whole 2.5 week NO cheat challenge with myself where I stuck to my healthy diet and had no cheats.  I was about 95% on point with that and gave in once! I was so excited to have a really amazing Thanksgiving where I ate whatever I wanted.  Well, I did just that and I got so sick.  I will spare you details, but I would be okay if I never ate turkey and mashed potatoes again.  Needless to say, I didn't gain any weight this week and even lost almost a pound.  Saturday, I was on the mend and ate very little, but was getting my appetite back.  I needed something to eat since I was going to workout and wanted some energy quick.  I ate a few servings of wheat thins which isn't the worst thing you could eat, but not the healthiest.  Then Sunday morning hit and I was even more sick! I am not sure if I got a bug or if I really can't eat processed foods anymore.  Basically, my plan right now is to just keep eating my regular clean diet and hope that I don't get sick.  

As of now, I don't plan on having any cheat meals until my birthday which is December 18th.  It's still 2.5 weeks away, but even now the thought of eating out makes my stomach turn.  I will say that its a little nice not being so tempted by that food anymore.  Just wish it wasn't because it made me so sick! Could I have celiac?  I really have no idea.  

Another symptom that I have had since losing so much weight is light headedness.  Every time I stand up or when I get up from laying down, I get so dizzy and light headed.  I've asked my family what this could be and it might be my blood pressure being low.  I think I need to get checked out and see if I can do anything about it.  I just want to be honest with you because losing weight is amazing and you do feel better than ever, but there are side effects that need to be taken into account.  

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  1. Do you need to up your calorie intake possibly to help with being light headed? I've never lost as much weight as you have, but I have found that if I am exercising a lot and I don't eat enough that I can feel really gross.

    Good luck with the stomach issues...that doesn't sound fun at all. Hopefully you can get that figured out soon!

  2. I had the same issue with the light headedness and my doctor told me to up my sodium intake a little bit because by blood pressure was so low. I would try to drink a powerade zero once a day and that helped a ton!!

  3. I used to get light headed, too, especially when I was eating less than I was burning. I needed to up my protein and my problem mostly went away.

  4. I just started reading your blog and I can relate to you on every level. 3 years ago I hit 85 pounds lost and have kept every pound off. I too get a bit sick when I eat large amounts or really rich food. My stomach is not the same as it was post weight loss. Also is bet your light head is blood pressure or blood sugar. Thanks for blogging your journey! I so regret that I didn't document mine! Such a emotional, mental, hard, stressful but amazingly fun experience to lose weight! Thanks!

  5. You're amazing and super inspiring.. Unfortunately feeling sick after eating a ton doesn't stop me from eating.. I gained 5 lbs of the 20 I lost these past two weeks.. "I was on vacay" was my excuse! And I felt so crappy the whole time.. Just gross, nauseous, and bloated.. But I still ate..and ate.. and ate.. Like... I just thought, "But I've been so good..and I'm probably not going to eat like this for another few months.."etc. etc. Isn't it funny the excuses we make? I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that.. Haha! Anyway.. About the lightheadedness.. I had the same issue.. and my Dr. said it could be that I'm drinking too much water and losing minerals. He said to drink juice, gatorade, chicken broth.. etc. Of course I couldn't bring myself to drink calories.. so I just bought some smart water.. Or you can take some magnesium vitamins... Or perhaps you could be anemic and just need some iron...

  6. I told my doctor about getting lightheaded and dizzy and she said to eat more food. These guys have good tips about maybe too much water and loosing vitamins. I hope you can get it figured out and keep on going!

  7. I could just hug you I am so excited for you!!!

  8. I am so happy for u!! U are a great inspiration for me!!!


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