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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smaller Sizes

I bought this dress online the other day in a size smaller than I normally wear: a size 8.  I knew that is was stretchy material and so I could probably pull it off, but I was nervous for it to come because my size 10 clothes are getting a little big.  If the 8 didn't fit, I'd be a little sad.  Luckily it did and I love it.  A year ago, I would never have imagined buying clothes with a single digit.  Its a bit surreal buying smaller sizes.  It hasn't really hit me fully that I have lost so much weight.  I still see myself as being heavy.  Its a weird mind trick the brain plays on you.  However, I am more confident than ever, so I know that I am realizing that this weight is off of me.

A year ago, I would have dreaded taking a walk or going on a hike.  Now, I look forward to that challenge because I know my body is working hard and that is when I make the most change.  In the gym, when I am sweating and working hard, I feel so good about myself.  It's weird how so much can change in a year.  I look forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I think thats all I really do now is go beyond what I think I can do.  

I am also not focusing on the scale as much as I used to.  I am not even really measuring as much either because I don't want to worry about that.  The more I worry, the more stressed it makes me.  I feel so good when I run a farther distance or faster times.  Those are the goals I can stay in charge of.  The number on the scale is not something I can control ALL the time.


  1. Woot Woot!! Congrats and keep it up! I am looking forward to the day! Keep up the good work

  2. Focusing on the scale is super dangerous!! I just posted about it a few posts ago!
    I'm glad u becoming more confident bc u look amazing. Some of that confidence definitely shines through

  3. Non scale victories are so important. You are oozing confidence in your new digs and that is a beautiful thing!

  4. Here's something to make you feel even better about wearing an 8 - I wear a size eight pant!


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