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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weight loss Basics: Food

I always have to keep certain foods on hand because those are my go to items when feeling cravings or just trying to get fuel into my body.  I get asked a lot what I eat every single day and I am actually pretty boring with what I eat.  I could go with eating the same thing every day for weeks until I decide to change it up. I know other people are not like that, but thats why I wanted to give you some of my favorite things that I always keep on hand to ensure that I am pleased with the number on the scale at the end of the month.  I have never claimed to eat clean, but I count calories.  I am a busy full time mom and although I would love to be able to shop at Whole Foods and buy everything clean, I just cannot.  I don't have the budget for it and I am pretty busy enough.  I hope that clears anything up from any of your questions you may have.  

1. Thin Wich buns: I buy these at Wal Mart in the bread aisle.  I really like these because they are made with Flax Seeds.  I don't really eat any bread, but this kind I do.  I can still enjoy a burger or sandwich if I eat these which is nice.  They are only 90 calories per bun! I usually will toast one and then spread avocado on top with some salt and pepper.  Its a very filling and healthy snack.

2. Gum: This may sound very simple and obvious but gum has been my saving grace on many occasions.  In fact, I am chewing some right now.  When I still have a few hours to eat next or its bedtime and I am getting a sweet craving, usually I pop a piece of gum in my mouth and I feel much better.  Of course, it doesn't always take the craving away, but when I am out and about and won't be able to eat for a few hours, this definitely helps me resist the cupcakes offered at the birthday party.

3. Kirkland Weight loss shakes:  I am not a huge Slim Fast diet person.  I actually don't think that diet lasts for anyone, but these drinks have really been awesome to have.  In the mornings, I usually add banana and peanut butter and make a protein shake (recipe here). Its very filling and there is so much protein.  It gets me through the morning and helps me refuel after a tough morning workout.  

4. Apples: This has quickly become my favorite snack.   I prefer Green apples over any kind, but of course you can choose your favorite.  I love to cut one up and eat it with a tablespoon of Peanut butter. My kids always eat it with me and they love apples now.

5. Bananas: They are so very good for you! I recently discovered they are a good food for ridding belly fat and since incorporating these into my diet, I feel like thats really been something thats helped me start to shed pounds on my belly.  They are a little higher in calories than most fruits, but I always eat one in my morning shake.  

6. Greek Yogurt Dip: This has got to be one of my favorite dips.  It almost tastes like Ranch but 2 tablespoons at 50 calories, its definitely not ranch! I love to snack on carrots and broccoli and cauliflower with this dip. You can purchase it at Costco.

7. Broccoli:  I try and eat broccoli once a day.  Whether that be raw as a snack or steamed with my dinner, I love having it.  I know it may not be everyones favorite, but you can eat cauliflower or carrots or even edamame.  I just try and eat vegetables every day.  

So these are my on-hand weight loss basics for food.  I do also try and have Nuts on hand as well.  I don't have any right now, but I like to buy the big case from Costco of the mixed nuts.  Nuts are higher in calories, but very good for you.  Since I have learned that some high calorie foods are good for you, I have been much more lenient on myself when eating them because I don't feel like I over eating.  Knowledge is power!


  1. I love those Kirkland shakes! I have one every morning!

  2. Great list!!! I want to try the Greek Yogurt Dip

  3. Thank you!! Love this post you are so great at sharing what you have found that works. I didn't know bananas get rid of belly fat a great reason to eat them

  4. I haven't heard of that dip - I'm going to have to see if I can find it!

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  6. Before I found this blog I had already started eating healthier but it's really reassuring that it's possible to drop so much weight! I started my journey at the biggest I've ever been (an almost 20!) and i'm now comfortably fitting into my 18's again. So far I've lost 31 lbs. and hope to keep losing more. I found a great option rather than peanut butter at Walmart last night and thought you might could use it to cut some of the calories in the smoothie...it's called PB2. It's powdered peanut butter. yes, that's right powdered peanut butter that you just add water to! it taste nearly identical and is only a small fraction of the calories & sugars. It's made without all those harmful chemicals too. Congrats on all of your weight loss can't wait to see you at your goal weight!

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