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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workout Playlist

One of my biggest tips of advice for enjoying a nice workout is have a great playlist.  Have songs that just get you wanting to move.  Who cares if its Abba or One Direction! You just gotta do what you like. I posted my top songs that I love working out to lately.  Here is a previous playlist I made a few months ago. 


  1. great list and i completely agree with song selections. if it makes you move, listen to it! :)
    when do you typically work out? morning/night??

  2. I love those songs! <3 Luckily I usually watch Netflix while I workout since I do it at a gym! But sometimes a little music changes things up too!

  3. I definitely need to make one of these. Great tip!

  4. Thanks for this! I just started my gym membership last night!

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  6. I just started working out/jogging this week, and I'm loving me some Deadmou5 and Owl City (the Midsummer Station album has so many good songs on it!) I also love Hot n Cold by Katy Perry and Gangnam Style. Such good beats! <3

    ~ Katie Burry formerly of Beautifully Pure


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