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Friday, May 2, 2014

Its been a while...

Instagram always makes me forget that I have a blog! I really love the accessibility to instagram and how convenient it is, but I do love my blog too.  I cannot forget that.  Plus I love you all who read it and keep me just as motivated.

Life has been great! I have been hitting goals and feeling over all good about life.  I have made some small changes in my life to try and make things simpler.

I have stopped weighing myself.  You might be thinking why on earth would you do that!? Well, I was obsessive.  I would weigh sometimes twice a day.  That is just not productive for any healthy lifestyle.  I knew that then, but now I have really implemented ways to change it.  I still plan on weighing once a month, but really the scale does not need to tell me if I am going to have a good day or not.

Another reason is, I am in the last 20-25 lbs of my weight loss.  YES THAT IS SUCH AN AMAZING FEELING! However, this is hardest weight to lose or so I have been told.  I know that the weight is not going to fall off like it did before.  I have to remember that I need to do other things to measure my progress by how my clothes fit, how I feel or how my measurements are.  That is what I am focusing on.

I ran my second half marathon last week and man was it tough.  It was in the rain and very hilly.  Plus I was out of town the few days before and only slept about 11 hours between 2 days.  Basically, I just knew I wasn't going to do well.  But, I finished and actually beat my first half time by 5 minutes and to me that is worth it! I have another one coming up in June and that one I am really excited about! I know about 15 women who are doing it as well so it will be nice to see some friendly faces.

I have taken the week off of training since my last half and will start back up again next week.  Its my true love and I don't know what I would ever do if I couldn't run. (WOULD HAVE NEVER SAID THIS A YEAR AGO) I have also started weight training and I have hopes that it will improve my strength and sculpt my body.

I am also planning on writing a few ebooks on more detailed topics for those who might be interested.  I get questions each day through emails and messages and I would love to write some books on more of those topics.  If you have any requests, please let me know now!


  1. WRITE THEM BOOKS! ;) I would buy them all! You're my inspiration now. I just ate apples for breakfast when normally when I come into work extra early I'd grab a chicken biscuit from CFA! I'd love to talk with you more, get more deets and help me to learn to love to run! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I would love to read a book about learning to run when it just plain hurts. I am so out of shape and I lose my motivation after my body starts hurting. You are such a huge inspiration and I would love to learn from you even more!

  3. I'm running the AF Canyon half too! I ran it last year also, and it's my very favorite one. You go girl!

  4. I love that when it comes down to it, you just have to eat healthier and work out more. You're always inspiring me!

  5. I would love to read your ebooks! I am 10 pounds down :)

  6. You go girl! Congrats on ditching the scale! It was always so hard for me to do as well!


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